The Best of Hyogo ~ひょうごの魅力「再」発見ツアー~


Meskhishvili Jaba's visit to HARIMA
Name Meskhishvili Jaba
From Georgia
Time in Japan 5 years
visited day 2016/02/13 - 2016/02/14
area Nishiwaki
2016/02/13 - 2016/02/14
Nishiwaki is one of small city of Hyogo prefectures. Geographically a city located at crossing of the 135° east meridian and 35° North parallel and it marks center of Japanese nation. Population is about 50 000. The town is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, where you can see either various animals or the deer, which often are the visitors of the above said town. On 13-14 February 2016, the government of the town invited us (as the foreigners) to see the sightings of Nishiwaki. I’d like to say, that at first I thought that it was a small and ordinary town, but after introducing their culture I’ve almost changed my mind and was surprised. At first, I want to underline the hospitability and politeness of Nishiwaki people, they have met us with smile, shown us the cultural sightseeing of their town and at the end, they were seeing off us to the bus with a smile. It’s impossible to give the impression fully, that’s why I’ll try to say you the important details of each of them.


Taamaki Niime

It looks like a small cotton fiber factory, but it produces the remarkable and high quality products (mainly the textiles, shirts, bags, scarves and etc.) The main favor of it is that none of them have the analogue, if you buy any its product, don’t worry - nobody will have the same cloth. Such famous brands, as they are Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani use the textile of Tamaki Niime.



Tasting of Sake

When we arrived in Nishiwaki, it was the festival of Sake, which was hosted by the great hotel -“Royal hotel”. Various companies have presented the high quality Sake, made by the rice of Nishiwaki, named “Yamada Nishiki”, which is one of the best rice in whole Japan and because of its quality it is used in producing of Sake outside of Japan. I liked the “Junmai Daiginjo” most of all, produced by the company of “Yuki No Bosha”. It was selected by the light taste and sweet smell.


Koyano Museum

Koyano Museum is the most selective building not only in Nishiwaki (the museum is in a list of tangible property of Japan), but also in whole Japan. Here you can see the building of 3 periods of Japan at the same time, the house of Japanese style, built in 23 by the Meiji, the building, which has been built by the influence of European modernity in Taisho period, also the Japanese building, constructed in Showa period. The domestic things of that period are exhibited in each building. So if anybody wants to make an impression for that period it is the great opportunity.



The dinner

We were hosted by the most delicious dinner in “Royal Hotel”, the main meal was the Nishiwaki beef. In order to keep the cows unstressed and not to make any influence on the taste of their meat, the cows are always listened to the classical music. I don’t know if it was the reason of classical music, but the meat was very tasty.




In order to study how to make the Mochi (traditional Japanese rice sweet) we were invited to the “Kyukishike jyutaku” (the place is tangible property of Japan). At first we were hosted by the delicious breakfast, then, they have taught us to make the Mochi by the rice of Nishivaki.



Observatory Tera Dome

There is an observatory “Tera Dome” in Nishiwaki, it makes the possibility to see the heavenly bodies either at night or during the days.




Japanese Sushi is the most popular meal in whole world. In order to study how to cook the Sushi, we were invited in a small restaurant “Noka Restaurant”, located in the suburb of Nishiwaki. Over 70 years old persons are working in that restaurant. The elder person, who taught us the cooking of Sushi, was 75 years old, but the oldest one was – 83 years old. Everyone were very kind to explain us the rule of Sushi making. On the result of this, we have made the most delicious Makizushi.





The government of Nishiwaki tries to make the Nishiwaki produced strawberry popular in whole Japan. For this, they train the farmers how to produce the strawberries. We have visited to some of such hothouse. We saw the strawberry, which was 5 times bigger than the usual one is. It was very delicious and sweet. All kind of ecological ranges were strictly kept. None of fertilization was used. I think that in 5 years, the Nishiwaki produced strawberry will become one of the brands.




Nishiwaki city
Take the Special Rapid service bound for Himeji from JR Sannomiya station, transfer to Kakogawa line local train at Kakogawa station, alight at Nishiwaki-Shi station.

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