The Best of Hyogo ~ひょうごの魅力「再」発見ツアー~

There is a beautiful town in Hyogo called Kannabe

Seedoyal, Nirvaan's visit to TAJIMA
Name Seedoyal, Nirvaan
From Mauritius
Time in Japan 1 Year 9 months
visited day 2016/02/06 - 2016/02/07
area Kannabe
"There is a beautiful town in Hyogo called Kannabe"
2016/02/06 - 2016/02/07
First of all, I need to thank the Hyogo International Association for organizing this Ski tour. It was a trip that I was really looking forward as there is not snow in Mauritius and I tried snowboard before but it was a very bad experience. However, I wanted to try ski because I heard that it is easier and safer than snowboard.

On Saturday Feb 6th, we met in Sannomiya, Kobe at 7:20 in the morning and took a bus for Kannabe. The journey was around 4 hours which is not too long and I must say that the bus was very comfortable. We reached Kannabe around noon and checked in at the hotel. I was surprised that the temperature was 5 degrees Celsius at a ski resort. The hotel is run by a family and they are very welcoming people as most Japanese. The room was traditional style Japanese room which made me feel happy as I love having traditional Japanese room when traveling in Japan.


We have lunch all together at the hotel for around 1 hour after which we were introduced to our instructors who are 2 Japanese men of 75 and 78 years old respectively. One should not think that old people cannot ski because we were shocked how good they are at skiing and how fast they go. I was amazed. Around 2pm we got our ski outfit and equipment, we dressed up very quickly and were ready to try the new experience. You can imagine how excited we were.


We started with some stretching and learned how to wear the ski. Seconds after, we noticed that ski is not as easy as it seems. However, we did not give up as it was the first time for all of us. First, we learned how to use the brakes and how to move forward. It took time but we managed after some time. Then, we moved from the middle of the mountain to the bottom. I fell down countless number of times but it was so much fun. We then, took a lift to the top to the mountain. Surprise surprise: arriving at the top, I realized that it was only half of the mountain meaning that what I thought was half the mountain was in fact only quarter of the mountain. The view there was spectacular. Looking down at the slope down, you can imagine how scared I was. However, the instructors were very kind and helped a lot when we were falling.


After more than 30 min I managed to reach the end of the slope and was ready to go up again as it was fun although I fell down many times. That time was better than the first time. I was happy as I was managing to do it slightly better than before. We went up three times in total after which we went back to the hotel. At the hotel, we went for a bath for slightly more than 1 hour which was so relaxing. Then, we had tea and traditional Japanese candy while waiting for dinner time.




At 6:30 pm we were down to the dinning room for dinner. I was fascinated by all the crab that we were offered. It looked extremely delicious. The ski instructor made a small speech after which we started preparing our nabe. I love Nabe because we cook all the things by ourselves at the table. After cooking the crab I realized that it did not only look delicious but it was delicious. After the first round of crab we started adding all the other ingredients that were not less delicious. I could not stop eating. After our dinner we were surprised by having dessert prepared by the wife of the owner of the hotel. We then went back to our room, had some small chats before going to bed.

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast at 8:30. As you can imagine we were excited to get back on the ski track. At 9:30am, we were all ready and went to the mountain which is only 15 meters from the hotel. This time we took another lift that goes to the top of the mountain. That time was so scary for me. As expected I fell down many times but was always laughing because it was fun even when falling. We managed to go down 2 times after which we moved to another track that we used around 7 times. Then, we had Lunch at a small restaurant at the ski resort for about 45 min.


After lunch, we went back to the first lift we used on that day 2 times and we were getting better at it each time. We then moved to the track that we used the first day and I was so surprised that it turned out to be easy and did not fall a single time. I was really happy about that. We went back at the hotel at 3pm to gather our things to go back to Kobe. We left the hotel at 4pm and took the bus at 4:30 pm. Again, the bus was very comfortable. I slept so well on the bus and woke up only to buy some souvenir at a place that the bus stopped. We arrived at Sannomiya around 7pm. We were feeling so satisfied of our weekend trip. It was a great experience and I think international people will be very happy to have such experience with local people and ski at the same time.
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