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There is a beautiful town in Hyogo called Kamicho

Goh Sye Theng, Natalie's visit to TAJIMA
Name Goh Sye Theng, Natalie
From Malaysian
Time in Japan 1 Year 9 months
visited day 2016/01/23 - 2016/01/24
area Kamicho(香美町)
"There is a beautiful town in Hyogo called Kamicho"
2016/01/23 - 2016/01/24
We heard about the famous Matsuba and Kasumi crab, Tajima beef in Japan but do you know where these came from? Yes, it is from Kamicho.
I feel so grateful to have joined the tour organised by Hyogo International Association (HIA) to visit this beautiful town in Hyogo for 2 days 1 night. It is a wonderful and unforgettable memory.
Kamicho is about 3 hours by bus from Sannomiya. We visited Saruo Waterfall, one of the hundreds best waterfall in Japan as the first destination of the trip. We are welcomed by a 78 years old friendly tour guide. Although he speak limited English, he tried his best to communicate and interact with us. I am quite interested to come here again for try the Nagashi somen (one of the noodles eaten by Japanese during summer) in July.


The next stop was the one that I was looking forward the most in this trip – Tajima Beef! You can’t imagine how delightful it is to have the BBQ inside an igloo while enjoying the snowing view and feel the cold breeze flowing into the warm igloo.


We had some exercises after the lunch by putting on the snowshoes for a winter hiking. The scenery around the ski park is great! We were quite lucky to visit the place at this time because due to the warm winter this year, we might not able to have this activity if we came one week earlier as the snow just started to accumulate few days before we arrived.



In Japan, a trip is not completed without Onsen. After having exercises, the next destination must be Onsen. A traditional Japanese Onsen house was waiting for us after a cold winter hike.


At night, we were served with Tajima Beef again and this time was hotpot. The Nishiki Nabe or two color hotpot is consisted of clear soup and nutritious soup. It is the best time to have it during winter as it keep your body warm. The local people also gave us some background and knowledge on Tajima beef and we had some cultural events and communication with the young entrepreneurs and local people in the town after the dinner. It was a great a talk with them!

After having a good rest and breakfast in the ryokan, we visited a historical temple – Daijyoji in the next day. This is the place I liked the most in this whole trip. There are some important and rare masterpieces kept in this temple. The monk introduced not only the history and background of the temple, but also some cultures, architectures and paintings of Japan. I agreed to what the monk said that we should feel the cultures or arts in the original place of the masterpiece but not in the museum. We can truly understand the motive of the artist or story behind it when we visit the place they been there.


I always thought that it won’t snow in places near to sea and this is the first time I saw that it was snowing in the sea and that was at Frog Island. Thanks for the tour guide showing us around in such a cold weather. I am so touched and appreciated to all those people in Kamicho that are so committed and passionate to introduce their town to us.


As Kamicho is famous for crab, it is a must in our menu. We dressed up in Yukata and enjoyed the crab as our lunch and also the last meal of the trip. I just managed to take 1 photo at the beginning as the food was so tasty until I forget to take more photos. 


Our trip ended at the last stop which was a visit a local sake brewing company. We had a factory tour on sake brewing process and of course some sake tasting after the tour.

There are so many photos with magnificent view along the journey that I can’t show all in the blog. All these beautiful scenery should not just be seen from photos but should be seen by one`s own eyes by taking a visit to that place.. It is worth to visit Kamicho as there are great foods, nice views, Japanese cultures and experiences in this small town.


・Access :
JR Sanin Honsen(Tokkyu hamakaze, Limited Express)
JR Sannomiya station→JR Kasumi station (Approximately 3 hours)

For more information, click the link below:
Official Website of the city:香美町HP

香美町役場 神戸営業所

猿尾滝 - 日本の滝百選・名勝



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