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Naima khatun's visit to TAJIMA
Name Naima khatun
From Bangladesh
Time in Japan 1.5years
visited day 2016/01/23 - 2016/01/24
area Kami-cho
2016/01/23 - 2016/01/24
This is Naima Khatun,student of Kobe University Business Administration. Recently I visited Kami-cho,a wonderful place in Japan.
The scenery of that place seemed to me like a picture drawn by a famous artist.The water fall, Daijoii Temple, snow dome, frog island impressed me really. I lost myself while I was drenched in the snow rain in a heavenly place. Besides the site scene, I also enjoyed the lovely japanese kimono and delicious japanese food items.Thank you very much to the Hyogo InternationalAssociation for allowing me to have a wonderful experience. I am overwhelmed of the behavior and caring of the every person in charge of the association.



・Access :
JR Sanin Honsen(Tokkyu hamakaze, Limited Express)
JR Sannomiya station→JR Kasumi station (Approximately 3 hours)

For more information, click the link below:
Official Website of the city:香美町HP

香美町役場 神戸営業所

猿尾滝 - 日本の滝百選・名勝



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