The Best of Hyogo ~ひょうごの魅力「再」発見ツアー~

Kobe City

Lindsay Michael's visit to HARIMA
Name Lindsay Michael
From Australia
Time in Japan 10 days
visited day 2017/05/27
area Akashi and Hyogo prefecture
"Kobe City"
I was fortunate to visit the pretty city of Kobe and thoroughly enjoyed my short time there. I must thank the Hyogo International association for making my visit possible.
I would recommend sampling the amazingly fresh and well presented seafood of all kinds, including the famous Octopus Balls.



Also the famous Kobe beef is a must for your taste buds!


I was impressed with the well presented and manicured gardens and hope to one day visit when the cherry trees are in bloom.


I would recommend a visit to the Akashi Fish Market to see an incredible display of different species of fish and shellfish fresh from the ocean.


I would also recommend the night view from the lookout above Kobe city:


Overall, I found the people very pleasant and welcoming and look forward to my return visit to Hyogo Prefecture.

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