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A trip to Uotana fish market

Robert Michael's visit to HARIMA
Name Robert Michael
From Australia
Time in Japan 10 days
visited day 2017/05/27
area Akashi
"A trip to Uotana fish market"
Situated between Himeji to the west and Kobe to the east is the city of Akashi famous for the ruins of the historic, Samurai built Akashi Castle and home to the Akashi fishing Harbour and Uontana seafood market which we came to see.

Arriving in Akashi after a short train ride from Sannomiya station, we made our way down to the Uontana seafood market where for over 400 years, fish from the adjacent Seto Sea have been caught, landed at Akashi Harbour and delivered a few hundred meters up the road to the seafood market.

The area specialises in Octopus and Sea bream and freshness and quality of fish on offer was amazing. We walked up and down the long arcade and delighted in trying Akashijaki – a local specialty which is an eggy bun filled with octopus and dipped in dashi before making our way down to the waterfront to look at all the different fishing boats unloading their catch.






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