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Rural Japan Experience @ Takacho

Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie's visit to HARIMA
Name Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie
From Ethiopia
Time in Japan 2.5 years
visited day 2017/02/23 - 2017/02/24
area Takacho
"Rural Japan Experience @ Takacho"
2017/02/23 - 2017/02/24
A place worth visiting to experience real taste to rural japan – Takacho. Its only 1:30 hr drive where you can experience @wellness walking, Tofu making, sushi making, washi traditional Japanese paper making and Lavender room spray/body lotion/soap…among others… all at the same trip. Very impressive and kind treatment together with all these new experiences make my two days visit memorable and wishing to get back one day again.

Tofu making – made from Soya beans! An exciting experience in making starting from mixing the powder with water to the last packaging. We did three different types of tofu and all of them are so unique. It was the very first experience for me so I enjoy making and testing it.



Wellness walking – the secret behind living healthy for long. It was supper great experience to test my fitness – before and after exercise. Almost 3.5km walk with astonishing view through the forest and supper amazing at the top of the mountain. The local people of Takacho are ideal spot of health tourism – best place to visit!



Washi paper making – I was really impressed that Japan is among leading countries in the technology, yet conserve the traditional values. Washi paper making is a good example for this. They make manually a paper from wood. We make our own peace and decor with different colors- best gift!!




Lavender – Located just below the Lavender farm! We got seven different essential oils including lavender, lemon grass, orange among others. We experience mixing our own flavor following the procedure from experts, everyone did their favorite room spray n cream. It was amazing experience, it feels different to produce my own taste!!




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