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Hidden Takacho town in Hyogo Prefecture

Anush Tonoyan's visit to HARIMA
Name Anush Tonoyan
From Armenia
Time in Japan 2 years
visited day 2017/02/23 - 2017/02/24
area Takacho
"Hidden Takacho town in Hyogo Prefecture"
2017/02/23 - 2017/02/24
It’s passed a year that I live in Kobe city located in Hyogo prefecture. But even though that during my stay have never heard about town called Takacho which is also located in the Hyogo prefecture.
I want to thank Hyogo International Association for giving this opportunity to go and discover this amazing hidden town.

On 23rd of February was when the journey started. Early in morning we gathered at Sannomiya station and took the bus to Takacho. It took us only one hour and half to get there, very fast that we didn¥'t even notice how the time passed.
The whole tour was for two days that’s why we had very busy schedule full of different activities. The very first activity we did when we arrived was experiencing tofu making. I’ve been always wondering how tofu is made as in my home country we don¥'t cook tofu as we don¥'t produce soy beans. That is why I was really glad to have the opportunity to make it by myself. We made three different kinds of tofu each one with different techniques. I can admit that the taste was really different from the ones I get from supermarkets. It was much much better.

Next activity was making makizushi. Mostly all of the ingredients of it were made in Takacho. Even the cucumber war taken from the field right that morning. It was pretty amazing to make the makizushi by myself and then after have it for my lunch.


After the lunch we went to wellness walking program in Naka Yachiyo no Mori Park. I’m great lover of nature and always prefer doing sports in the parks than just working out indoors at gym. As outdoors in the nature you can breathe in the fresh air and also enjoy the view of the park.
I enjoyed the wellness walk the most.


We were in the forest which was so well cultivated that looked like a park. It’s the best exercise after the heavy lunch. We walked for 4 km during 2 hours while enjoying the surrounding. The half way was to take us to top view of the mountain. And that was the best part of the walk when we reached the top and enjoyed the amazing view of a lake opening in front of us. As it was in wild nature there was the small possibility that I may come across a deer as I was told that there’re many deer in that forest. But unfortunately it never happened. I’ll go back there another time though.
And at the end of the walk we had a very short refreshing nap in the forest.


The next day was even more exciting as I experienced the making of Japanese Washi paper. It was really amazing as at first I made the paper in the cold water and then designed it with different colors and autumn leaves. Later on after the paper was dried I took it with me and have it now hanging from the wall of my room.^=^


For more information, click the link below:

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