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Exploring Izushi, a place of beaty and tradition

Naima Khatun's visit to TAJIMA
Name Naima Khatun
From Bangladeshi
Time in Japan 2.4 years
visited day 2016/10/29 - 2016/10/30
area Izushi
"Exploring Izushi, a place of beaty and tradition"
2016/10/29 - 2016/10/30
This is Naima Khatun,student of Kobe University Business Administration.

I would like to thank Hyogo International association for giving me the opportunity to visit a beautiful place Izushi in Hyogo, Japan. It’s indeed a wonderful place in Hyogo.

The scenery of that place was really amazing ans seemed very traditional. Besides the site scene, I also enjoyed the lovely Japanese kimono and traveled around the Izushi wearing Kimono. We 3 friends in one group made Soba by ourselves and ate that in our launch which was really enjoyable and a learning same time.We also tried to learn meditation and drawing by ink.

Thank you very much to the Hyogo International Association for allowing me to have a wonderful experience.

I am overwhelmed of the behavior and caring of the every person in charge of the association.


By express from Osaka area about 2 hours and 30 minutes;
Take JR Fukuchiyama Line in the “Express stork” and get off “Toyooka”, “Ebara”, or “Yoka”station. 30 minutes bus ride Zentan Bus bound for Izushi.

For more information, click the link below
Izushi Tourism Association :出石観光協会

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